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Good To-Go meals are a healthy and yummy backpacking meal if you don't have time to dehydrate your own meals.

Good To-Go meals review

I would love to dehydrate my own meals for backpacking. But I’m kind of lazy and there are so many good options out there. I recently discovered Good To-Go meals. When backcountry camping you want to carry the least amount of weight as possible. So… Read More »Good To-Go meals review

What to wear hiking. The answers to your questions about material, footwear, and how to stay comfortable while out on the trail.

What to wear hiking

When I’ve hiked with friends who are new to hiking, they always would ask me what they should wear. I grew up hiking so I always found this question little odd. I would tell them, “you just wear workout clothes or just something you are… Read More »What to wear hiking

Why I consider myself an almost dirtbag, but not quite. I’m not ready to give up employment and societal norms (yet), I do subscribe to a few of the dirtbag-lifestyle aspects.

Almost a dirtbag

It’s 5:30 on a Thursday and I’m chomping at the bit to get out of town. Only one more hour until I’m off work. I’ve got an 18-hour drive ahead of me to get to Colorado. It’s a little too long to drive in one… Read More »Almost a dirtbag

A trip report from Shenandoah National Park, which offers some of the best of the Appalachian Mountains. See where we camped, hiked, and explored.

Shenandoah National Park

I have always heard Shenandoah National Park is more beautiful than words can describe. And it really is, but I’m going to try my hardest to tell you how beautiful it is in this blog post. I have also included many pictures to help show… Read More »Shenandoah National Park

Plan Your Next Date on the Trails! Tips for a Great Hiking Date. Whether it is a first date, or celebrating an anniversary, the outdoors can be an awesome place for a date.

Tips for a Great Hiking Date

As a single woman, I have had many dates in the wilderness. And recently while picking blackberries with a good friend, he asked me if it would make a good date. I answered probably not a first date. “I’m sweaty, dirty, and bloody from the… Read More »Tips for a Great Hiking Date

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