How to use a compass

How to use a compass

We are great at telling people to not go into the wilderness without a map and compass, but if you don’t know how to use them it’s pointless. With the knowledge of how to read a map and how to use a compass, you can… Read More »How to use a compass

Gulf Islands National Seashore is a wonderful place for a beach trip without the hustle and bustle of beach towns and people

Gulf Islands National Seashore

Growing up in Arkansas I assumed everyone flocked to the Gulf of Mexico during the summer because it was the closest salt water beach to us. But after visiting Gulf Islands National Seashore, I soon realized Arkansans don’t go to the Gulf simply because it’s… Read More »Gulf Islands National Seashore

Going Beyond Leave No Trace

This is the final in a series of blog posts where we are really digging deep into Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics’ seven principles. This post discusses how we can go a step further than the seven Leave No Trace principles. Leave it… Read More »Going Beyond Leave No Trace

Ennis is home to the Texas Bluebonnet Trail and is a wonderful place to enjoy the flowers

Texas Bluebonnet Trail

A blue plain spread out undulating before me. Much like a Monet painting, the blue and purple dots make up a sea that appears to be endless – waves rising and falling. I had always dreamed of seeing the Texas bluebonnets but never managed to… Read More »Texas Bluebonnet Trail

Arkansas Water Trails are a great way to see The Natural State

Arkansas Water Trails

I pulled my paddle out of the water and rested it on my kayak. I leaned back and drifted aimlessly through the murky water. My eyes unfocused as my attention went to what I was hearing – different birds calling, a bee visiting a water… Read More »Arkansas Water Trails