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Hike Like A Woman’s Outdoor School

Whether you are new to the outdoors and want to learn more, or you are an experienced outdoors person, the Hike Like A Woman Outdoor School is for you.When I was growing up I was fortunate to have a strong father and mother who loved the outdoors. They instilled in me many aspects of what it means to be an outdoor woman. My parents took my brother, sister, and me hiking and camping a great deal when we were small. During my elementary school years, we went camping and exploring almost every weekend. This is something I have always valued, and it makes me who I am today.

Even though my parents were awesome at instructing me to be an outdoor woman and laying that foundation, as an adult I still find myself learning new things all the time.

But what if you are brand new to the outdoors? The Hike Like A Woman Outdoor School will teach you the basic skill you need. And for those like me, the Outdoor School will help you hone your skill.

To sign up for the 10-week online course click here. Use the code HLAW0S4 for $5 off!

Whether you are new to the outdoors and want to learn more, or you are an experienced outdoors person, the Hike Like A Woman Outdoor School is for you.

Honing your outdoors skills can not only give you a safer experience in the wilderness. But it can make your experience more enjoyable as well. I know for me personally once I have learned tricks, tips, and hacks, my comfort level has gone up immensely.

Learning these skills, like duct taping your feet on blister-prone spots to keep you boots from rubbing them, can make the difference between a fun outdoor experience and a miserable one where you never want to hike again.

I can speak of this one from experience. I have had so many bad blisters. If my feet hurt or are wet that makes me miserable.

Some amazing women in the Hike Like A Woman community are teaching the Outdoor School. I know they are amazing, because they are my friends and HLAW sisters.

Throughout the 10-week course you will learn skills like planning, packing, first aid, peeing, pooping, and periods in the outdoors, and backcountry cooking.

The course will run from June 19 to Aug. 28. Training courses come with videos, audio files, workbooks, and PDF downloads, to better assist you.

You will also get to participate in a private Facebook group where you can ask questions from course leaders or fellow students in the class. You will also have a chance to win free gear and outdoor clothing from sponsors.

The cost of the school is $75 if you sign up before Sunday (June 11) and $99 beginning on Monday (June 12.) And if you use the code HLAW0S4 you can get $5 off your registration fee.

Registration ends at midnight on June 18, so don’t wait too long and get shut out.

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