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A yellow sage brush is shown with mountains in the background

Great Basin National Park

There are not many parks where you can experience as much diversity as you can in Great Basin National Park. From the hot desert floor to a glacier high on alpine slopes, the park has a drastic elevation change of about 8,000 feet. Because Great… Read More »Great Basin National Park

aspens are shown

My tracking app lied to me

I took about four steps and had to take a break. The energy to lift my leg and take another step just wasn’t there. I was only hiking around 7,000 feet in elevation when the day before I had hiked to 11,000 feet. So lack… Read More »My tracking app lied to me

Spires at Cathedral Gorge State Park are shown

Cathedral Gorge State Park

Hidden in the flats of the Great Basin you’ll find a cathedral sculpted into the desert floor. Cathedral Gorge State Park seems like it was created by a great architect, but is simply a beautiful work of nature. Exploring this park in southeast Nevada feels… Read More »Cathedral Gorge State Park

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