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Personal stories

Stories about me as a person.

I’m always amazed at the lies we tell ourselves so we can keep failure at bay. But when we are more open minded, who knows what we can accomplish.

Yeah, that will never be me

Have you ever looked at other people doing something and thought, “Yeah, that will never be me”? There are two reasons you don’t imagine yourself doing what they are doing. One reason is that it is something you know you will never be able to… Read More »Yeah, that will never be me

Falling Out Of The Boat

One moment I was sitting atop the raft paddling hard when our guide yelled, “Paddle!” The next moment I was under water struggling to get my bearings. I, obviously, was the person who fell out of the boat; the one they were talking to in… Read More »Falling Out Of The Boat

Why I strive for mediocrity. It's good to set goals and work toward them, but sometimes you just need to strive for what makes you happy.

Why I strive for mediocrity

I have been watching the Olympics all week and it’s great to see people accomplishing such seemingly impossible tasks. When I went skiing, I fell just standing there. And ice skatin … lets just say I made my way around the rink holding the rail.… Read More »Why I strive for mediocrity

Give thanks for what you have – I challenge you to give thanks for what you have and give thanks where thanks is due, God, family, friends, nature.

Give thanks for what you have

In this constantly-wanting-more-society we fail to see what we already have is pretty awesome. Don’t fail to give thanks for what you have.  The past few months I have been dealing with a injury that has pretty much sidelined me. In order to help this… Read More »Give thanks for what you have

Reflecting in nature is a great way to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and simply being overwhelmed in life. Nature show us life goes on.

Reflecting in nature

I’ve been feeling kind of blue lately. And one of the best ways I tackle those feelings that get me down – self doubt, sadness, being overwhelmed at work, being overwhelmed in my personal life – is to go into nature and spend time to… Read More »Reflecting in nature

Why I consider myself an almost dirtbag, but not quite. I’m not ready to give up employment and societal norms (yet), I do subscribe to a few of the dirtbag-lifestyle aspects.

Almost a dirtbag

It’s 5:30 on a Thursday and I’m chomping at the bit to get out of town. Only one more hour until I’m off work. I’ve got an 18-hour drive ahead of me to get to Colorado. It’s a little too long to drive in one… Read More »Almost a dirtbag

Don’t just be lost, be the Right Kind Of Lost

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