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Reflecting in nature

I’ve been feeling kind of blue lately. And one of the best ways I tackle those feelings that get me down – self doubt, sadness, being overwhelmed at work, being overwhelmed in my personal life – is to go into nature and spend time to reflect. Reflecting in nature helps us renew ourselves.

You can tackle an epic hike or simply sit on the shores of the lake and fish, but clearing your mind in nature is a great way to help you hit the reset button.

With fishing the rhythmic motions of casting the line into the water helps me focus on what is bothering me and how to fix it while also taking in the beauty of nature.

Taking on an epic hike, helps me set a goal and obtain it. But sometimes, like in the video above, simply walking around the bank of a river helps calm me. It also helps me focus on what is not going well in life and how to overcome it.

The high I get after completing an epic hike is unmatched to anything else.

Being in nature automatically lifts my spirits and puts me in a good mood. Multiple studies have proven the health benefits of simply being in nature.

Reflecting in nature connects us with God and His creation. And to me it shows how much God is capable of doing.

I read a great blog post by fellow Hike Like A Woman Ambassador Deirdre about dealing with grief in nature. In that post, she points out how nature shows us that life continues. Flowers bloom every year, rivers carve new paths – nature is constantly creating new life.

Like with fishing, sitting on the banks or walking around a river provides me with a methodical rhythm to help me focus on the problem at hand. When you are overwhelmed, a great way to relieve that stress is to take the time to focus on the sounds of river and watch the leaves float away.

Reflecting in nature is a great way to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and simply being overwhelmed in life. Nature show us life goes on.

Maybe you just want to sit on the riverbank and meditate. Sometimes I have been so down, that I don’t feel like moving. A few times I have taken a book – focusing on the story and the beauty going on around me and not focusing on my problems.

Nature is also a great way to inspire creativity. Some of my best ideas and writing come to me when I am in nature or when I am running. It allows you to empty your mind and really focus.

Also I can focus without the distraction of my cell phone because I usually do not have service. This makes for a great way to really reflect.

I enjoy this time to myself. But I do love going with my dog, Caddie. I find pleasure in watching her explore new smells, and simply enjoy herself.

What is your favorite way to deal with stress, depression, and anxiety? Do you find reflecting in nature to help? Comment below, I loved to hear what you have to say.

Reflecting in nature is a great way to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and simply being overwhelmed in life. Nature show us life goes on.

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