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Taking on 365 miles in 2017

Looking for a New Years resolution that you will keep, try doing working toward small goals. Participate in the 365 Challenge with me, and see what happens.
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I am not a New Year’s resolution person. I believe you don’t need the start of a new year to reinvent yourself. That is something you can do anytime you feel the need to. For me, I am way more likely to keep a resolution I make on, say May 12, than on Jan. 1.

But for someone who doesn’t really do New Years resolutions, the 365 Mile Challenge is perfect. It has obtainable goals, will improve my overall well being, and empower me to take on the world. So I’m signing up for this New Years resolution.

I have learned that I am far more likely to keep a resolution if I chose a goal that is the act of doing something instead of an outcome. For example, a goal to lose 15 pounds in the first six months of 2017 will likely not happen. But if I set a goal to hike 20 miles a month, and run 20 miles a week, I can probably end up losing the weight.

I also find that if I set goals that empower me, I am more likely to accomplish them. Being able to run, bike, or hike certain distances make me feel accomplished, therefore I work harder toward them. Bragging rights also push me harder.

Now I don’t do New Year’s resolutions – as in I don’t sit down and think about how 2016 went and what I want to do different in 2017. But I do like to set yearly goals at the beginning of the year, like how many books I would like to read or something like that. The 365 Challenge is perfect for that.

I’m super stoked about the 365 Challenge and cannot wait to start – literally, I started walking more this week.

To master this challenge you have to complete 365 self-propelled miles within the year of 2017. You can hike them, snow shoe them, run them, bike them, swim them and any other way that is self propelled.

I have trained for and run half marathons before. But in 2016 my running seriously slacked. I love this challenge because it will help push me out the door in the morning before work. I also am fortunate to live adjacent to Hot Springs National Park. Maybe I’ll try trail running, or maybe just hike more. Really it’s sad I live so close to a national park and am not on the trails every day.

On the 365 Mile Challenge website, it states, “We think that small distances done over a long period of time also have massive results.” I love that statement and totally agree with it. Frequent, small distances can really impact your entire life, whether you want to lose weight or simply have more stamina. (Mom, uh hmm, you need to sign up with me!)

One of the things I’m most looking forward is the Facebook group for those in the challenge. This group will help provide support on our journey to 365 miles. In addition to the support group on Facebook, when you sign up you will also be entered for prize drawings and discounts to select outdoor retailers.

The membership fee is $15, but if you sign up before mid-night on Dec. 31, it’s only $10.

So if you are looking for a place to meet awesome outdoorsy women working toward the same goal, check out the 365 Mile Challenge.

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