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Salt Springs is shown at Logoly State Park

Exploring Logoly State Park

Hiking under whispering pines on rolling sandy soil through open undergrowth is a typical stroll through the Gulf Coastal Plain. Visiting Logoly State Park is a great way to experience what makes south Arkansas so beautiful. With three short hikes, you can explore this amazing… Read More »Exploring Logoly State Park

A yellow sage brush is shown with mountains in the background

Great Basin National Park

There are not many parks where you can experience as much diversity as you can in Great Basin National Park. From the hot desert floor to a glacier high on alpine slopes, the park has a drastic elevation change of about 8,000 feet. Because Great… Read More »Great Basin National Park

Spires at Cathedral Gorge State Park are shown

Cathedral Gorge State Park

Hidden in the flats of the Great Basin you’ll find a cathedral sculpted into the desert floor. Cathedral Gorge State Park seems like it was created by a great architect, but is simply a beautiful work of nature. Exploring this park in southeast Nevada feels… Read More »Cathedral Gorge State Park

The privilege of literacy

My friend ask me how I was liking the book I was reading while lounging in the hammock around the campfire. “Not that great,” I answered. “Actually, I’m trying to hurry up and finish it because I kind of hate it.” “Why don’t you just… Read More »The privilege of literacy

A woman sits in Hot Springs National Park

Vacation when you can’t

With record-high gas prices this summer, long and far weekend trips were not that affordable. The good news is gas prices have started to come down, and let’s hope they continue. But higher gas prices make you think twice about going on a long road… Read More »Vacation when you can’t

Swimming in The New

During the entire week leading up to my trip to the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve my stomach would knot up anytime I thought about our planned whitewater rafting trip. I have fallen out of the boat in class III rapids before and… Read More »Swimming in The New

Cliff are shown along Robinson Point Trail

Robinson Point Trail

Note: this post on Robinson Point Trail contains affiliate links. Shopping through those links supports Right Kind Of Lost at no extra cost to you, for which we are eternally grateful! Robinson Point Trail takes you through tunnels of cedar groves to endless views of… Read More »Robinson Point Trail

Pinnacle Mountain is shown from Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge Natural Area

When people come together to protect nature, everyone wins. And that’s exactly what happened with Rattlesnake Ridge, near Little Rock. Just west of Pinnacle Mountain State Park, you’ll find this unique place, which I have always thought looked like the back scales of a dragon.… Read More »Rattlesnake Ridge Natural Area

Hipster or homeless?

Note: this post contains affiliate links. Shopping through those links supports Right Kind Of Lost at no extra cost to you, for which we are eternally grateful! Before my last trip to Southern California, I polled my friends and coworkers on fun things to do… Read More »Hipster or homeless?

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