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Fall bonfire guide: how to rock it on the lakeshore

For some of y’all fall has already arrived, but for those of us in the South fall is just beginning. One reason why I love fall so much is the relentless sweltry summer finally lets go and the air turns crisp and cool. You add an extra blanket to bed; you finally get to wear you flannel and boots again; and you get to get toasted, or urr toasty, with you best friends by the bonfire. This is my super rad fall bonfire guide.

Sitting on the shore of the lake wrapped in an oversized sweatshirt, and roasting marshmallows in the bonfire is one of my favorite things to do.

Be sure to contain your bonfire.

I know. If you are by a lake then half of the fire is already contained, but the other half is not. It is just good practice to make a stone fire ring for any fire in the wilderness.

With all the dead leaves falling from the trees, there is more fire fuel on the ground, which make it easier for wildfires to spread.

In Arkansas, fall is typically a drier season with lots of low humidity days. That also makes it easier for the wildfires. Also be sure to drown your fire when you are finished. That way it doesn’t keep smoldering with no one watching it.

Also if it has been dry lately, check with your county’s office and make sure you are under a burn ban.

Use fallen, already dead wood.

Follow Leave No Trace principles to use only wood that has already fallen on the ground. If you cut down a tree for your fire, then the next person will not get to enjoy that tree.

It will also be better for your fire because dead wood is drier and easier to burn.

How to make yummy s’mores.

I love s’mores. And can you really have a fall bonfire guide without s’mores?

There are a few ways to dress up s’mores. In case you don’t know, a typical s’more consist of graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate.

The first way to dress them up is to wrap them in foil and let them slow roast on the coals. The chocolate evenly melts and the marshmallow gets soft and gooey, while your graham cracker has a nice toasted flavor. Now if you like your marshmallow burnt and crispy, this is not the way to go. You also lose out on the actual marshmallow roasting process. But it is a different flavor for your s’mores.

The second way is to use candies other than a plain milk chocolate bar. You can really get creative and customize it toward you taste. I personally love it with Reeces Peanut Butter Cups. So good.

Something to sip on

I have to include a fall drink in my fall bonfire guide. A good beer always goes well with a bonfire, but if you want to spice it up a bit (pun intended), try a hot caramel apple rum.

To make the drink, take hot apple cider (I use the instant kind), mix it with a teaspoon of caramel syrup and a cinnamon stick. You can add rum if you want a little kick. It’s fall heaven.

Fall bonfire fun

Whatever you serve and however you serve it, the most important thing to remember is to have a fun and safe bonfire. I am pretty laid back and like to spend my time simply enjoying crisp, cool air, and a bonfire more than planning and setting up a party. So I tend to go with the lazy aspect.

So spending time with family and friends on the shore of my favorite lake and sitting around roasting marshmallows is something I am always down for.

Fall bonfire guide. How to safe, dress up s'mores, and a fall-flavored drink.

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