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Tips for a Great Hiking Date

As a single woman, I have had many dates in the wilderness. And recently while picking blackberries with a good friend, he asked me if it would make a good date. I answered probably not a first date. “I’m sweaty, dirty, and bloody from the thorns. I don’t feel really pretty right now.”

But going on a date in the outdoors is an awesome way to spend time with a significant other. Another good friend of mine went hiking date for her second date. She searched online “how to look cute while hiking.” She then ended up spraining her ankle because she sacrificed looking cute for proper footwear.

Plan Your Next Date on the Trails! Tips for a Great Hiking Date. Whether it is a first date, or celebrating an anniversary, the outdoors can be an awesome place for a date.
My parents hiking along one of their favorite trails.

When reader Sally Keys reached out to me with the idea for “Tips for a Great Hiking Date”, I was stoked. Not only can I benefit from it, but I know many others can too.

I hope you enjoy this guest post by Sally as much as I did.

Plan Your Next Date on the Trails! Tips for a Great Hiking Date

By Sally Keys

In a world where we are constantly in front of screens, sometimes it can be nice to unwind with our significant other by experiencing the great outdoors in Arkansas. Being in touch with nature by going on a hike will guarantee that the two of you find time to unplug, have thoughtful conversations, and take on a new, rewarding challenge together.

Whether you plan a short afternoon on a local trail along the Buffalo National River or a more involved day-long hike in Mount Magazine State Park, there are important tips for a hiking date that you should keep in mind. Being prepared, checking the weather, and bringing along all that you and your date will need on the hike is essential to a memorable, romantic day.

What to Bring, What to Wear

Of course, you want to look good on your hiking date while also being ready for any weather that may come your way. It is wise to wear a hat to avoid any surprise precipitation and keep yourself warm if in cooler climates. You will also want to wear sturdy, durable shoes that will help make walking and climbing easier. Though the temperatures in Arkansas are usually mild, it is still a good idea to bring along extra layers, whether that means a blanket for the two of you to cuddle beneath while resting, or a sweatshirt if one of you is chilly.

Besides clothing, there are other things to bring on your hiking adventure that will make for a successful date. Pack a thermos for the two of you to share along with some tasty treats, like s’mores or sandwiches. Remember to bring a camera along, too. It can be a fun way to spend time enjoying the sights around you by staging a nature photoshoot. And in the beautiful Arkansas state parks, there are plenty of opportunities for amazing photos.

Spice Up the Date By Planning Ahead

Your date will be especially impressed if you plan certain things ahead – such as organizing a miniature scavenger hunt for the two of you before you begin the hike. By researching the location or thinking up a list of things you may encounter on the trail, you can make the journey all the more exciting. On many of the trails in Arkansas, you’ll be sure to stumble upon ravines, waterfalls, caves, and bridges. Raise the stakes and challenge your date to find all the items on the list first – whoever wins gets to make the other do a goofy forest dance!

It’s also easy to impress your date by pointing out certain species of trees, flowers, or critters that you two may encounter. After all, nature is a wonder on its own, so anything that you add to the mix will ensure your date is a success in the Arkansas wild.

About Sally

Sally Keys is a professional freelance writer with many years experience across many different areas. She made the move to freelancing from a stressful corporate job and loves the work-life balance it offers her. When not at work, Sally enjoys reading, hiking, spending time with her family and traveling as much as possible.

Plan Your Next Date on the Trails! Tips for a Great Hiking Date. Whether it is a first date, or celebrating an anniversary, the outdoors can be an awesome place for a date.

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