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Top 7 Survival Tips for Hikers

I have been told to be safe so many times I can’t count. When reader Shawn Michaels of The Smart Lad blog reach out to me with a suggested post on hiking safety tips, I was thrilled. Read below for some valuable lessons to keep you safe in the woods.

Seven safe hiking tips

By Shawn Michaels

Everybody loves hiking. Fanatics around the world wait for the perfect season so they can hit the trails. But, if you are one of those people, you should be aware of a list of things before taking over with your wilderness holiday. Here are the seven basic survival strategies that all the hikers should completely be aware of. Keep the list below in mind so that you can fulfill your craving for the wanderlust.

Rough Weather? Stop!

Rescheduling an entire trip is way more convenient than putting your life in danger. If the weather turns sour last minute due to flash floods or forest fires, etc., halt your trip. You don’t want to slip and injure yourself or worse, lose your life due to bad weather.

Stay Away From Wild Animals

If you love your life, stay away from wild animals. Any encounter with the animals in the forest should be avoided. Carrying bear spray will help you in case of wildlife emergency. Animals, mostly, steer clear of human beings. So, it is best to avoid overstepping your boundaries, and staying on a safe trail.

Take First Aid Kit

A makeshift first aid kit can save you from a lot of pain while on a hike. Take Benadryl and sort for bug bites, and other essential medicines to aid you in case of a possible accident.

Don’t Panic If You Are Lost

One of the key essentials if you or your travel partner get lost is not to panic. Stay put and prevent yourself from further deviating. Set up a camp if you can’t find your way back and send lighting signal flares. This will help your partners to come and find you easily.

Thick Clothing

Even if it is burning up outside, it will always be chilly in the wilderness. Don’t fool yourself thinking that layered clothing would be an extra burden. On the other hand, your days can be warm and even hot. This is why you need to make sure that you are in appropriate clothing, and your jacket should be waterproof. Boots for turkey hunting are your safe bet for long walks so that you won’t feel the extra chill and will stay away from the blisters.

Proper Maps or GPS

A suitable GPS unit or proper maps of your specific trail can help you from getting hopelessly lost. If you don’t want to encounter the wildest happenings of the forests, take a GPS unit or navigational aids with you. Remember that GPS units do not always work in remote regions, be confident when buying one.

Choose Your Hike Wisely

It doesn’t matter even if you are a pro, sometimes the best of the bests fail in rugged and remote areas. Therefore, pick your trail wisely, which have been established and well-traveled. Enjoy the nature while hiking instead of trying to prove that you can ace difficult and wild trails.

Author Bio

Shawn Michaels is a blogger who loves to write about his outdoor experiences. He is also a passionate rock climber and loves traveling. Currently, he is studying and spends his free time reading reviews and gear shopping! He regularly blogs at thesmartlad.com.

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