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Veyo Kids – proper gear for kiddos

Veyo kids sun hat and sun hoodie is a great way to protect your children
Aubrey models the Veyo Noggins Sun Hat and Sun Hoodie

Note: Veyo provided samples to us at no charge in order to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

When you’re a parent, you want to do everything you can to protect your child. When you work in the outdoor industry, you know the benefits of nature, but also the need for safe risk assessment. You want to keep your children warm in the snow and protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

Drake and Chris from Veyo know this combination well. That’s why they came up with Mittyz, toddler snow gloves, Winter Noggins, to keep your child’s head warm in the winter, and Noggins Sun Hats and Sun Hoodies, to keep them safe from the sun.

The Veyo Sun hoodie is shown
Aubrey models the Sun Hoodie

Children’s outdoor wear is designed by adults and sometimes can miss what a child really needs to be comfortable. And Drake and Chris noticed this. As ski instructors and fly fishing guides, they spent a great deal of time outdoors. And Drake, the father of twins, took note of how outdoor wear worked with his children.

When visiting with Chris about how Veyo came about he said, “A lot of Drakes ideas come out of his experience as a ski instructor, fishing guide, and father of twins. For example, sun hoodies are ubiquitous in the fishing industry, and Drake wanted to bring that level of sun protection and comfort to kids UV wear.”

Veyo – protection for children

Crystal, who is a mom to the amazing 2-year-old Aubrey, had the chance to test out the Sun Hoodie and Noggins Sun Hat. Below is what Crystal, or really, Aubrey, thinks.

By Crystal, mom of Aubrey

I love to hike and be outdoors. I am trying to instill this love into my daughter, Aubrey, who is two and a half. I love that if given the option, she chooses to play outside over anything else no matter the season. However, one of the concerns I have is sun protection. I go from pale to lobster (haha) and want to save her from that misery.

I received a Sun Hoodie – UV Protection Sun Shirt and Noggins Sun Hat by Veyo Kids. Both are pink because my daughter loves that color now, but there are other color options available online. The sun shirt comes in blue, pink, purple, and grey ranging in sizes 2t to child size large. The Noggins hat comes in traditional blue camo or the pink butterfly camo that Aubrey chose. It has two size options: small (6 months to 3 years) or medium (3 to 8 years). Aubrey is wearing a 3t hoodie and size medium hat.

Aubrey got the hoodie on and immediately loved the pockets. They are perfect for her “treasures” she finds outside.

Sliding down

These usually consist of rocks, sticks, and neat plant life. I love the hoodie because it offers UV protection without the hassle of applying and reapplying sunscreen. It’s lightweight and breathable so she doesn’t get hot in it either. It’s also a nice, soft material that doesn’t bother or irritate her skin so she keeps it on while outside. The UV hoodie is perfect for play in the sun at the park, beach, or on a hike.

Sun hat and hoodie

This cool hat is in pink butterfly camo. It’s an awesome design and Aubrey likes to pick out the different butterflies in the fun camo print on the hat. Once she put it on, she didn’t want to take it off. She was entertained by the adjustable strap, but it was soon left alone after we got outside. The hat provided her eyes and neck protection from the sun which I like because she doesn’t always want to wear sunglasses. And, we were at the park one day and it started to rain. It helped keep the rain out of her eyes so I thought that was a cool extra benefit!

If your child loves playing outdoors, I highly recommend these items for some fun in the sun.

Want more tips from Crystal and Aubrey? Check out here blog on Hiking with Infant.

They are stylish and well made for kids to play in without the need for sunscreen. My daughter loves to wear hers because she knows we are going “outside!”

Veyo Kids is proper gear for kiddo who love to play outside

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