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Embrace the haters to make success taste sweeter

Embrace the haters in all that you do. Use them as motivation, and prove them wrong.If you try to do anything, you are going to be met with negativity. Whether your loved one are only trying look out for you and warn you of potential dangers or someone is jealous and wants you to fail so they feel better about themselves – it will happen. But don’t be discouraged by these people, instead embrace the haters.

Whether you are striving to climb a 14er, run a half marathon, or start a blog, use that negativity to push you to the top.

I started Right Kind Of Lost for many reasons. But two main reasons are it is a way to expand my creativity and a way supplement my income. I knew building a blog would take time, a lot time actually. And it would take a lot of effort as well.

One of my friends snorted out a laugh when I told him I bought my domain and set up a blog. “You actually bought a domain? It’s your money you’re wasting,” he said. It irritated me at first. But then I realized I had faith in myself and didn’t need him to have faith in me.

The worst reaction I received though was another one of my friends blocking me on Facebook and Instagram when I invited her to like my blog’s social media pages. She didn’t just not respond to the invite. She didn’t just unfriend me. But she blocked me. And although it stung a little at first, I knew she blocked me because she didn’t want to see my blog. She was jealous and felt inferior, and she didn’t want to be reminded of my doing something great.

I started Right Kind Of Lost as a place to build people up. So when I had such a negative reaction it confused me. But I know this is a flaw with her, and I feel sorry for her.

But thing is, I have surpassed personal goals that I set for myself. I have great followers (thank you for reading!), and I consider Right Kind Of Lost a success. However, instead of looking back over my shoulder and saying, “Ha!” to the haters, I simply take a little joy in that I’ve proved them wrong.

It’s not just in blogging that you need to embrace the haters; it’s everything you set out to do.

You can apply this principle to climbing a mountain, running a marathon, or some other personal goal you’ve set out for yourself.

Maybe you embrace the haters so you can look back over your shoulder and say, “Ha!” It doesn’t matter your reason. What matters is that you don’t let what they tell you sink in and turn to self doubt.

When someone tells me not to do something or I can’t do something, it makes me push really hard to do it. So in a way, I’m thankful for my haters.

If you embrace the haters it makes success taste a little sweeter.

3 thoughts on “Embrace the haters to make success taste sweeter”

  1. I loved this! It is so true! I have met the same reactions when starting my blog. I also love your verse in ‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5:11‬, to build each other up. So true, but sadly so rarely happens in our society today.

  2. I Love this article! It is so true today. I don’t know why people react like they do. I have had trouble with this forever. One that always stuck with me was my ex……he ALWAYS said to me, oh you don’t want to do that, and then would tell me why I wouldn’t be able to do it. Well I do look back and say ha! Because I got away from that a long time ago and decided I can do anything I want, go anywhere I want and we need to take the good people along with us on the journey. Thanks for a great topic.

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