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Hiking Shark Valley Is A Great Way to Explore the Florida Everglades

Shark Valley Trails Everglades National Park
Photo by Alex Shutin on Unsplash

I’m so excited to have Sally Keys on the blog again. Sally writes about the Shark Valley Trails in Everglades National Park. And now, that I’ve read about it, I can’t wait to go! You can read more from Sally here.

Hiking Shark Valley Is A Great Way to Explore the Florida Everglades

If you want a true taste of the Florida Everglades, you may want to hike the scenic Shark Valley Trails. This glorious trail system is near Miami and showcases Shark Valley, which stretches one hundred miles long. It leads from Lake Okeechobee to the picturesque Gulf of Mexico. While some people hike all the trails entire distances, it’s also possible to do shorter hikes. Cycling is another popular option. Once you learn about these trails, which are situated within the “True Everglades”, you may want to add the Shark Valley Trails to your bucket list. These trails are the perfect place to lose yourself in nature.

Shark Valley Trails Everglades National Park
Photo by Aldric RIVAT on Unsplash

See Everglades wildlife close up

When you spend time on the Shark Valley Trails, you’ll be able to drink in the natural splendor of tree islands and sawgrass marshes. These trails are a great place to keep an eye out for wildlife, thanks to its proximity to the freshwater ecosystem. There are sections of tram road that are ideal for cycling, and shorter trails that are ideal for day hikes. There’s also an observation tower near the tram road, which offers amazing views of the sawgrass marsh and the wildlife that calls it home.

These trails offer so many options to hikers

One option for the Shark Valley Trails is to consider is Bobcat Boardwalk, where you can take a self-guided tour. The trail winds through hardwood forests and sawgrass marsh. You’ll find this portion of the Shark Valley Trail system off the tram road, at the rear of the Shark Valley Visitor Center. Another option to consider is the Otter Cave Hammock Trail, which is made from limestone. It is nestled in a tropical hardwood forest and features compact footbridges that rise over a smaller stream. This trail is located off the tram road, half a mile behind the visitor’s center. A third possibility is hiking the tram road itself, or cycling it. This road is paved, and it’s utilized for hikes, cycling and tram rides. When you explore the tram road, you may spot turtles, alligators, and herons. Halfway through the trail, you’ll find an observation tower too.

Photo by Marco Perretta on Unsplash

All of these options are well worth your time. If you’re on holiday in Miami, Florida, doing an Everglades hike will be such a wonderful way to get away from the hustle and bustle of Miami for a little while. When you finish your hike and head back to your preferred vacation accommodation in Florida, you’ll take fond memories of your adventures with you, refreshed and ready to tackle the city anew the next day.

Plan to visit the Shark Valley Trails today

Hiking is a perfect way to commune with nature. The Shark Valley Trails are situated in an area of remarkable natural beauty. Walking the trails will allow you to experience the stunning Florida Everglades in a way that is so unique and memorable. It’ll also give you a chance to get some fresh air and exercise, and get away from the rush of city life, even if just for a day.

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Hiking the Shark Valley Trails is a great way to explore and experience the beauty of Everglades National Park in southern Florida.

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