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Introducing the Right Kind Of Lost Podcast!

Introducing the Right Kind Of Lost Podcast

I recently listened to a podcast where several people stated their goals for 2020. These goals included traveling to at least one new country, cycling across the United States to raise awareness for something I’ve already forgotten, and kayaking in Antarctica. In other words, not really anything I could do.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love hearing stories about amazing people doing amazing things. However, I also like to get ideas of things I can do. And while I do still listen to podcasts where people tell their stories of kayaking Antarctica or getting chased by drug runners in Columbia while paddling the Amazon, I found a lack of stories where the average every-day person could put a plan into action. You know, someone who works a 9-5, only gets two weeks of vacation a year and probably doesn’t have the funds for Antarctica exploration.

One thing that I’ve really tried to do with this the Right Kind Of Lost blog is to bring you actionable inspiration. I work a 9-5, have limited vacation time and limited funds. I want to show you that adventure can be done, and it can be done on a budget. And even when I bust my budget I showed you where and what went wrong.

Right Kind of Lost Podcast trailer

I asked readers of Right Kind Of Lost what was keeping them from traveling as much as they would like. The top two answers were time off from work and money. Yes, stories of kayaking in Antarctica or hiking in Patagonia are amazing to listen to. But I also want something where I can imagine myself doing it, research it, then take action, and actually do it.

I was also getting a little tired of Right Kind Of Lost only being about me and from my perspective. So I’ve decided to branch out and launched the Right Kind Of Lost Podcast!

You can find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or on whatever app you listen to podcasts on. (Sidenote: if it’s not on your app of choice, let me know. I’ll get it on there!) On this twice-a-month show, I will talk with people like you who have done amazing things. People who work 9-5 jobs and don’t have a million dollars or two months of vacation to cycle across the United States.

These are awesome people who can provide actionable advice and tips that you can use in your life.

My first guest on the Right Kind Of Lost Podcast is Kaci from The Car Camping Queen. She’s a pretty rad adventurer with a big heart for advocacy and volunteering. She wants to show the world that you don’t have to wait until you are retired to have time to give back. And she gives back in big and small ways.

This is me in my “fancy” office interviewing The Car Camping Queen

On Monday, Jan. 27, we’ll have Hike Like A Woman Ambassador Shelley. Shelley and I discuss reconnecting with your love for the outdoors. We also talk about things like empowering young girls to be strong women, going solo, and claiming your love for the outdoors.

And then on Monday, Feb. 10, you will hear my brother Jacob and me discuss thru-hiking the Lake Ouachita Vista Trail in southwest Arkansas. In this episode, which we jokingly call “our drunk history of the Lake Ouachita Vista Trail,” we discuss all the ups and downs, both literally and figuratively, of the LOViT. And because that particular hike was Jacob’s first backpacking trip, it’s full of a lot of first-time backpacker advice.

After the first three episodes, I have some amazing interviewees lined up. And I think you will find adventure, build each other up, and find inspiration to explore the places we love.

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