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Nikwax – protect your skin, protect your equipment

Boots in water are shown after they've with Nikwax

Note: I am Ambassador for Nikwax. This means they send me free products every once in a while so I can promote them. However, all my thoughts and opinions here are my own.

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Anyone who has spent time in the outdoors knows many things can make your adventure more comfortable. However, one thing, in particular, can make or break an adventure. That particular thing is moisture control. Fortunately, Nikwax has you covered – literally – with its high-tech waterproofing methods.

The worst beating my feet have ever taken is when I realized at the beginning of a four-day backpacking trip on a trail called the LOViT that my waterproofing had worn out on my boots. Oh that first day, it also happened to be raining. I was stuck in soaking, soggy boots. By the end of the trip, my feet hurt so much I thought I had a broken toe.

With more blisters than I could count, my feet were so swollen that the next few days. Instead of wearing my cute high heels to work, I had to wear my running shoes. They were the only shoes my feet could fit in. All of this could have been avoided had I worn proper footwear.

Since that day I have learned my lesson about dressing properly for the elements. Nikwax makes products that work to protect you from instances like mine. But they also make products that protect and extend the life of your gear.

Waterproofing my boots

After becoming a Nikwax Ambassador, I knew exactly what product I was going to be promoting the most – the Footwear DuoPack Nubuck and Suede for cleaning and waterproofing my boots. I definitely wasn’t going to have a repeat of the LOViT.

Nikwax products are shown

The combination of Nikwax products is a great way to safely clean your boots and add a protective layer of waterproofing. One mistake I made before I hiked the LOViT was that I did not take care of my boots in the way of cleaning and conditioning – not once. I never cleaned or reapplied waterproofing. I thought, “Hey, they’re Gore-Tex so they’re good.” It wasn’t until later that I learned you need to clean and reapply waterproofing to increase the life of your boots renew their waterproofing.

Removing my stink

Another Nikwax product I use and love is the BaseWash. My fun and lively coworker, Rita, always tells the story of her mother-in-law who told her when she moved to the South that ladies don’t sweat: they perspire. She then says, “I don’t perspire, I SWEAT.” Well, Rita, I SWEAT too.

Sitting in the rain while backpacking

And my moisture-wicking poly-fiber clothes that take the brunt of that sweat hold onto the stink long after they’ve been washed. Nikwax BaseWash is a cleaning and conditioning detergent. It’s meant to be used when your clothes have been worn a few times and start to hold your stink. You can also use the BaseFresh with your regular detergent.

It not only cleans the fibers and deodorizes, but it also protects the moisture-wicking properties and breathability of the layers.

Nikwax gear wash is shown

These two products are my favorite because they fit my lifestyle. But Nikwax also makes a wide array of other products that protect your tent, backpack, and other fabric gear. They also have a plethora of products to protect your clothes that keep you warm in dry in the snow.

Another thing I really like about Nikwax is the company has a strong desire to protect the environment. The people at Nikwax know if we are going to continue to enjoy what nature provides then we have to work hard to protect it. A key part of their philosophy is to measure and understand their footprint and hold themselves accountable. In its approach to helping protect the environment, Nikwax combines understanding, measurement, and continuous improvement.

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Nikwax Waterproofing and Cleaning is a great way to protect your gear and your skin. They know the importance and work to protect the environment.

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