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Podcast 01 – Volunteerism and Advocacy with the Car Camping Queen

Podcast 01 – Volunteerism and advocacy with the Car Camping Queen

In this episode, we sit down with Kaci from The Car Camping Queen. Kaci has spent a lot of time volunteering and advocating for our public lands.

Kaci works a 40-hour week and still is able to travel to places like Michigan, Montana, and even Alaska, to volunteer to help build and maintain trails.

She has also traveled to Washington, D.C. to advocated for public lands. And she provides some great tips on how anyone and everyone can get involved.

She proves you don’t have to wait until retirement to find the time to give back.

Find her at:


Or on Facebook or Instagram @thecarcampingqueen

Other resources mentioned are:

The American Hiking Society, AmericanHiking.org

The Outdoor Alliance, OutdoorAlliance.org

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