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Trail Vices – what’s your indulgence?

We all have things that we indulge in while hiking. Things that we probably should not be packing or eating. One thing I love about hiking is you burn a ton of calories, and for that I justify my trail vices.

I savor Peanut M&Ms while on vacation. These are my favorite junk foods. I used to keep a jar on my coffee table but had move it because I would eat the whole jar in one sitting.

Another trail vice I indulge in is Bota Minis boxed wine. My friends and family know I like cheap booze. I love PBR beer and boxed wine. The Bota Minis are about three glasses of wine – or in my case two big glasses. They are perfect to slip into your pack and sip at the end of a long hike.

I got curious about what other people’s trail vices are, so I turned my Hike Like A Woman team, and this what #teamHLAW said:

Ardeen: Mini bagels with peanut butter, Nutella, and banana.

Jennifer Simmons: Aldi’s single serve trail mix, I love them ? For my toddler he will hike for baby food pouches, lol.

Lorna: Rip van Waffles and diet peach Snapple tea.

Gretchen: Candied ginger for a bit of spicy and sweet! And of course my shiny whiskey flask… but I’m starting to feel like I mention guy WAY too much 😉

And toasted coconut! So, so much toasted coconut

Elisa: Bota Box Minis?! Whaaaattt? Mine is a bakery chocolate chip cookie.

Lucy: Pork rinds, cheese, and grapes

Kristin: “Natural confectionery” snakes to keep the boys/men that I hike with going and some dark chocolate. If overnight might slip in some wine 🙂

Rebecca: I don’t eat a lot of junk food on the trail, but I do tend to hit the Taco Bell drive-through once I get back into town

Kate: Snickers and Take5 bars, even on hot days I bring them with me. It’s the perfect excuse to take an early snack break.

Jill: I don’t eat these [Brookside Dark Chocolate Açai & Blueberry Flavors] on a regular basis, but they always seem to find their way into my pack…

Lisa: I’m in love with Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Nutty Bits and and Five Seed Almond Bars. These aren’t terrible vices, but I make 90 percent of my own food, so for me to purchase something pre-made from TJ’s is indulgent!

Ruth: Really good whiskey – hikes are the only time I tend to drink it, but if I forget my hip flask on a hike I am a sad panda 🙂

So what are your trail vices? Comment below. I love adding to my junk food list. I also love adding to my list of indulgences.

2 thoughts on “Trail Vices – what’s your indulgence?”

  1. My indulgence is not a food (anything you can eat on the trail is essential!) I love my soft leather moccasins. They feel so good on my feet after a long hike.

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